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If you are serious about improving your guitar playing, there is simply no other program like FRETBOARD BIOLOGY. This is the only program that combines all the benefits of a structured professional guitar program with the low cost and convenience of self-learning.

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FRETBOARD BIOLOGY is a Highly Organized System

of guitar education that will help you master the theoretical and practical aspects of guitar necessary to play at a professional level. It provides a comparable education to some of the world’s top music schools. This is not a huge library of random guitar videos. It is a thorough, step-by-step curriculum designed to help you maximize your potential as a guitar player.


was developed over a lifetime of teaching thousands of students how to play guitar. As the Vice President of Education at Musicians Institute, and Department Head of the Guitar Program at Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) in Hollywood, and the Department Head of the Guitar Program at McNally Smith College of Music, I have seen students struggle when material isn’t presented in an organized and methodical way. Too many guitar players never reach their potential because they have never been taught the right things, in the right amounts, and in the right order.

This program will provide a common-sense approach to learning music and being a better guitarist. It will demystify the guitar neck and give you the ability to understand what is happening musically during a performance. You will learn how to solo with intent and in a way that will move your audience. You will learn how to play effective rhythm guitar in several musical genres, and how to communicate effectively with other musicians. You will become a more literate musician.

The Knowledge without the College

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The core FRETBOARD BIOLOGY program is divided into eight levels. This is a college-level guitar program and will take time and dedication to complete. Unlike other college programs, FRETBOARD BIOLOGY is affordable, and you can work through each Level at your own pace, and because it is online, you can study anytime day or night, and from anywhere in the world.

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