An Intensive Academic Program
for Those Who are Serious about Playing Like the Best.

Lead Instructor Joe Elliott

Over 30 years of training the top professional guitar players around the world

Joe has taught literally thousands of guitarists in his career. He taught at G.I.T. at Musicians Institute in Hollywood for over 23 years and served as G.I.T. Department Head and later, V.P. of Education. He also served as Guitar Department Head at McNally Smith College of Music  for 8 years. He has performed with many of the top musicians around the world, authored seven instructional books and his guitar work and compositions appear on television and in films. In his 30+ years of teaching, Joe has taught some of the most sought after musicians around the world.


Fretboard Biology is a self-paced, intensive guitar training program that blends the elements of academic training in music with practical skills and knowledge to help you become a professional guitar player.
There are many educational choices for guitar players today, but none give you the advantages of Fretboard Biology.  Academic programs are expensive and don’t teach you the knowledge of the street that you need to be a successful musician.  Other websites offer hundreds of videos on a variety of topics, which can certainly be valuable, but do not offer the kind of structured, in-depth training that will give you the best chance of success.
Fretboard Biology is the only program of its kind.  It combines the rigors of an academic program with the practical knowledge and skills you need to be a versatile and highly competent guitar player.  Best of all, you can study at your own pace, anywhere in the world, and for less money than your monthly cell phone bill.
This is a rare opportunity to study with one of the greatest guitar teachers available today.  Sign up now to start your journey toward realizing your potential as a musician.


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The Fretboard Biology program offers different levels of study to fit your goals. Whether you want a completely self-paced, self-study program or you want more personal attention, this program will offer you the most efficient way to develop your knowledge and skills as a guitar player.


Professional Guitar Course
$ 39
  • Full Guitar Program
  • "Ask Joe" Blog
  • Self-Paced


Guitar Course +More!
$ 49
  • Full Guiar Program
  • "Ask Joe" Blog
  • Self-Paced
  • Student Forums
  • Performance Feedback


Individual Instruction*
$ 65
  • Personalized Training
  • Full Program Integration*
  • Top Pro Instructors

* Private Lessons are intended to be used in conjunction with the Fretboard Biology curriculum, and are not a substitute for it. All of the instructors at Fretboard Biology have taught this program in academic institutions and are exquisitely qualified musicians.