What are professionals saying about FRETBOARD BIOLOGY?

Brett Garsed

Brett Garsed

Quid Pro Quo, John Farnham, Nelson, Planet X

I can say with absolute confidence that Fretboard Biology is one of the premier music instruction sites in the world. I personally know most of the musicians involved and they are of the highest caliber possible, not only as players but also as teachers. If you’re looking for a thorough learning experience that will allow you to reach your highest potential, this is the place for you.

Greg Koch

Greg Koch

Koch Marshall Trio
My buddy Joe Elliott who ran the guitar department at the McNally Smith College of Music when I was teaching there and who was at GIT many years before that, has busted his tail putting together this unbelievable online guitar course. Basically his college level curriculum available with video lessons that you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own domicile…perfect timing…says I!!! Dig it!
Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini

Nine Inch Nails

I have no doubt this course will do well for you and for the ones who decide to invest in it. There’s so much content online and on YouTube which is just left there with no intention of explaining where it needs to be placed in one’s progress of musical growth. Most of that work is left to the viewer who is often inexperienced enough not to be able to digest the content properly and turn it into musical “calories” and use them wisely.

Fretboard Biology is like a nice cooking course, to me: it’s not about learning a few or a lot of great recipes, but simply learning how to cook, given the raw ingredients, no matter what they are.

Kenny Lee Lewis

Kenny Lee Lewis

The Steve Miller Band

Joe Elliott and his crew have outdone themselves. Fretboard Biology leaves no rock unturned or untuned. A truly thorough course for anyone on their fretted journey.

Mara Fox

Mara Fox

Precious Metal
If you’ve always wanted to go to a music college like Musician’s Institute or Berklee School of Music but couldn’t afford it, I have a wonderful alternative for you: Fretboard Biology. Joe Elliott, one of the finest music educators to ever teach at M.I., who created much of the curriculum taught there over the past 20 years, has started his own course that you can sign up for online for a mere $30 per month. Go at your own pace for $30 per month for a well thought out cohesive college level music education!
Dann Glenn

Dann Glenn

Guitarist / Composer

Joe Elliott has been one of the best LA players for years now. His new Guitar Education program will take you to the next level and beyond. If you’re serious about your Guitarism…I highly recommend his FRETBOARD BIOLOGY.

David Mash

David Mash

Composer, guitarist, and former Senior VP of Strategy, Technology, and Innovation at Berklee College of Music

Fretboard Biology is a very thorough, well-designed approach to learning the guitar.  It is a self-paced, structured learning method designed by a master guitar teacher, Joe Elliott, and its eight levels are designed to lead you to college-level mastery of the instrument. Though not for the complete beginner, I highly recommend this for any serious student of the guitar!

What are students saying about FRETBOARD BIOLOGY?

Scott C.

St. Paul, MN
The Fretboard Biology system dissects all of the challenges you have faced as a growing musician, and reformulates the learning process into a program that is both understandable and manageable.  The thoughtful design of the Fretboard Biology program incorporates a method that enables those of us with busy lives to take smaller steps, more frequently. This results in faster improvement in playing ability and a more comprehensive understanding of the instrument.

Michael C.

Chicago, IL

I think you have really identified a huge gap in the online education market for guitarists. I am subscribed to more guitar sites than I care to admit and you are completely right that none of them offer the kind well-organized and thorough curriculum you are preparing for this site.

Steve D.

Rosemount, MN

Joe Elliott’s Fretboard Biology is the best organized and most complete guitar class I have ever seen. The presentations are clear, informative and easy to understand.  I’ve played guitar for nearly 40 years and this program is helping me fill in missing gaps in my knowledge as well as see how things fit together. I can’t recommend this program enough for anyone that wants to be a serious musician and guitar player.  

Markus B.

Latham, Australia

Good approach. I took a peek at Level 2 and decided I needed to get the Level 1 stuff down pat first. I’ve been playing for 40 years and never learned this stuff. It’s opening a whole new world.

Steve G.

Des Moines, IA

I signed up for Fretboard Biology last week and the course is fantastic! Ive learned so much in a short period of time including finding the answers to questions I have had for 20+ years. Thanks very much!

Dale C.

Carson City, NV

Love this Program!!!! I have been playing for 46 years with no foundation… I now know how important music theory is!!!  And the way it’s taught here, it easy to apply!!!  Thank you all!!!

Maurizio I.

Rome, Italy

I really love your structured and simple approach that is absolutely at service of musicians and Music! All the material even the more advanced is analyzed, decoded and simplified in order to make it usable in a creative way that is the ultimate goal of any Musician!

Miguel C.

Puerto Rico

Joe Elliott is an extraordinary guitar teacher who understands the importance of learning the structures of the discipline of music and the foundations of a solid guitar technique. His Fretboard Biology online guitar system goes well beyond guitar licks and tricks -there is plenty of that in the market already- to focus on the knowledge and the skills that will take you from being a competent guitar player, to become a guitar artist. It will fill in the gaps left by self-instruction or informal teaching, and help you become the accomplished professional guitarist you work so hard to be.

Mike C.

Newport Beach, CA

I wish I would have had a program like this when I was beginning the guitar! Instead of trying to learn a 1000 different chords and scales all at once, Fretboard Logic gives you a focused step by step process on the “How and Why” of playing and practicing your instrument. It’s clear and concise and I’m loving it.

Craig D.

Johannesburg, South Africa

I have no formal music education but really, I’d like to fulfill one of my first and most primal aspirations in life & become a professional guitar player. I’ve been playing guitar since I was a teenager, and I’ll be 40 in November this year. I am self taught, have never been in a band, or anything like that, so I know there’s a lot of work for me to do – but, after checking out the first few videos on Fretboard Biology, I am completely convinced that your course will help me get there. Being self taught has clearly had its disadvantages in that I’ve never learned what a bass clef was!! There are little bits of information like that in most every video so far. Amazing!

Hank S.

Charlotte, NC

I have been exposed to so many guitar educational products over the years, and this Fretboard Biology program is perfect for me. It’s the right amount of material at a time, the right organization, and covers so many key areas in every unit. I had been trying to implement a practice plan for some time before the program, but it was never as successful as I wanted and always left me feeling down about my progress. However, in this program I am hitting all the areas I knew I wanted to cover, sometimes even twice a day! It is still very early in the program, but I am inspired and the biggest personal goal of my life has always been to become a virtuoso improviser and professional-caliber composer. I can relax a bit now and feel confident that if I apply myself, I will reach my goals. I aspire to play, teach, record, transcribe… do anything I can to make a living with music, but I will never feel confident in my abilities until I absorb and master this material.

Tom K.

Avon Lake, OH

I started playing in high school.  Had a great instructor and then he moved.  I’ve been wallowing around ever since.  Bought the Berkeley books…they’re ok. But I always want to know why.  Why does a song work?  Why does Metheny sound like that?  WTF did Koch just do? Belew? Wes? Django? And then how to go about getting there, I’m the sense of learning and then integrating. So far, and I just opened it up, I like the way your course is structured. Very digestible. Excellent explanations so far, but I have a knowledge base already.  I’m really excited to get into the intermediate and advanced stuff to see how you explain it. I’m gonna hit this hard.

Doug T.

Shelbyville, KY

What you have created is truly special. For whatever reason you are clicking small lightbulbs in my brain that have never clicked before. As I was playing with the jam tracks for the first 4 units it occurred to me I can hear a noticeable difference in my playing. I have a long way to go but I am playing things I would not have played before I started.

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