The Team

Joe Elliott

CEO, Lead Instructor

Joe Elliott is an American guitarist, author, composer and music educator, and is the creator of the Fretboard Biology program.  He was the Director of Education and Vice President at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, headed the Guitar Department at McNally Smith College of Music, is the CEO and Director of Education for Music Biology, Inc., and is the author of several instructional books for guitar.

Mike Salow Profile

Mike Salow


Mike Salow graduated with honors from McNally Smith College of Music receiving a B.M. in guitar performance with a music business minor. Mike joined the McNally Smith guitar department as an instructor where he worked for the next five years. Mike is currently teaching instrumental music at St. Paul Conservatory of Performing Artists.

Eliot Briggs

Eliot Briggs

Web Developer

Eliot is a graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Bethel University. He has worked in IT administration, web development and technical support for over 20 years. Eliot was the guitarist in Minneapolis-based U2 tribute band, Rattle and Hum.

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