5 Ways to Avoid Burnout from Playing Guitar

Burnout strikes most people at some point. Sometimes it strikes something that you’re passionate about, like playing guitar. This is so disruptive to your progress and sucks the fun out of playing, so it’s important to look at some ways to avoid burnout.

When you commit to getting better at something, a little guilt creature enters your life. It stands on your shoulder by your ear, judging your every move. In the worst cases, burnout makes you simply give up.

There are ways to prevent burnout. Just being aware that it’s lurking out there is a good place to start. When you see the signs that burnout is approaching, use some of these tools to avoid it.

  1. Keep a flexible and evolving guitar practice schedule.
  2. Budget time to explore without a specific agenda.
  3. Don’t let your guitar become a cruel master that makes you feel guilty all the time.
  4. Write music – this is a great way to avoid burnout.
  5. Learn songs and apply what you are learning in your formal guitar practice.

You can steer clear of burnout if you take some simple, preventative steps.


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