6 Steps to Improve Your Band Rehearsals

A lot of bands don’t know how to rehearse. Here are 6 steps to improve your band rehearsals.

  1. Everybody should learn the song before you get to the practice.
  2. Start without the singer and don’t just keep running through the tune. Instead, take each section and dissect it. Start with the drums and bass. Make sure they are locked up and every other member of the band should know what those two are doing so everybody can stay in their lane.
  3. When that’s all good, add the other parts and just work just that section. Work the groove and how the parts all fit together. Again, everybody should stay in their lane.
  4. Now – repeat that same whole process in the next section – and the next.
  5. Next practice the transitions between the sections. Transitions are where a lot of bands don’t do so well. The groove suffers and then it takes a few beats or measures into the next section to recover — and that’s bad.
  6. When this foundation is solid, add the vocals and you can work on them in a similar way.

Don’t waste your precious practice time. Good bands pay attention to detail.


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