Be Ready with a Good Attitude

If you can be the person who is always ready for the rehearsal and the gig, your stock will go up and you’ll get hired back. It doesn’t matter what the work environment is – any trade job, white-collar job or being a musician, the rules are the same: Show up, show up on time and be prepared and with a good attitude – even if you’re faking it.

If you’re in a local band or a touring band, there always seems to be a lot more down time than performing time. It could be when you’re traveling or waiting for the soundcheck or food. There’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” time.

During these times, it’s important that you be a smart politician. Be a good hang. Interact. Try and get to know the other musicians if you’re new to the situation. Be available and be present.

You could be a great player but if you’re a drag as a person, you may not be the one they call next time.

Being the right musician for a gig is important but don’t forget the other part – the interpersonal part. Be someone your fellow musicians want to be around.


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