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Welcome to Level 4

Fretboard Biology Level 4 builds on the material in the previous levels. If you haven’t completed those levels, go back and make sure that you are confident in all the material. In Level 4 you continue your study of Theory, Fretboard Logic, Rhythm Guitar, Improvisation, Money Makers, and Practice Techniques. Work at the pace that fits you.


In the Theory modules, you will learn about modal interchange, which is the mix of major and minor tonalities. This includes harmonic analysis of progressions with modal interchange, and how to make good note choices. You will also learn about inverted chords and slash chords.

Fretboard Logic

In the Fretboard Logic modules, you will learn to superimpose major and minor pentatonic scales on top of one another, and the same with the seven-note major and Natural Minor scales. You will learn 7th-chord shell voicings from which all extended chords can be built. You will learn four root maps and how to use them. A root map is a tool for sight reading and transposition. You will learn the major and minor scales harmonized in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, and 7ths on all string sets. This prepares you for the Level 4 Money Maker modules.

Rhythm Guitar

In the Rhythm Guitar modules, you will study two styles: Funk and Classic R&B.

Money Makers

In the Money Maker modules, you will learn guitar parts that use the major and minor scales harmonized in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, and 7ths in parts. You will also learn to use the major and minor scales played in octaves.


In the Improvisation modules, you will learn how to solo over progressions with modal interchange.

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