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Welcome to Level 5

Fretboard Biology Level 5 builds on the material in the previous levels. If you haven’t completed those levels, go back and make sure that you are confident in all the material. In Level 5, the Harmonic Minor Scale and its use will command a lot of attention. New and more advanced harmonic concepts result from this study.


In the Theory modules, you will learn how to construct the Harmonic Minor Scale and to harmonize it with both triads and 7th chords. This will result in chords that are new to you and that creates a need for chord-scale solutions. There are a group of chords that don’t fall into the categories you’ve learned so far: triads or 7th chords. We will categorize them simply as ‘Other Chord Types’.

Fretboard Logic

In the Fretboard Logic modules you will learn the Harmonic Minor Scale patterns as well as the chords and arpeggios, some of them new, that result from harmonizing it. You’ll learn to see the both the arpeggios and chords of the harmonized Harmonic Minor Scale ‘in-position’. You will learn to see the scales, arpeggios, and chords of the parallel Natural and Harmonic Minor Scales superimposed on one another. You will also learn about using scales as ‘chord scales’ and that will include the Dominant b9 b13 Scale. You will learn chord voicings for the ‘Other Chord Types’ that are introduced in the Theory modules.

Rhythm Guitar

The first five Rhythm Guitar modules will give you an introduction to the vast world of Latin music. In Units 6 through 10, the focus will be about playing in odd meters.

Chart Reading

In Level 5, you will be introduced to new Chart Reading modules. Reading a chord chart is an essential skill and Level 5 dedicates 10 units to the topic. It’s important to understand the core elements of chord charts and how to approach them.


In the Improvisation modules you will learn to transition between Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor Scale patterns, much like you did with modal interchange in Level 4. In many progressions, specific chords require special accommodation, and in this Level the focus will be on how the Harmonic Minor Scale is a solution.

Let’s get started.

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