Guitar Playing Growth Chart

A lot of parents keep track of their kids’ growth by making marks on a wall. Kids love it because they’re excited about getting taller. Try doing a guitar player version of the growth chart.

As you practice guitar or work through a program like Fretboard Biology, it’s important to measure your progress. Improvement rarely comes in big spurts. It comes over time, after a lot of practice. But then there are those special moments when you realize you can do something that you couldn’t do before. You’re taller!

I encourage you to start a growth chart for your guitar playing. Archive recordings of yourself and timestamp them. At a minimum, save recordings of yourself soloing over tracks. Lock them away like a time capsule and mark a date on your calendar in 6 months or a year when you will give them a listen. Don’t listen to them too soon because you won’t progress fast enough to hear a difference. Let some time pass.

You can also save recordings of other things you practice on guitar — technical things like scales, arpeggios and sequences.

Reward systems are important and seeing progress is a great reward.


If you are serious about improving your guitar playing, there is simply no other program like FRETBOARD BIOLOGY. This is the only program that combines all the benefits of a structured professional guitar program with the low cost and convenience of self-learning.

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