Learn to Play 20 Songs in 2 Days

Imagine you have to learn 20 to play songs in 2 days. A good way to memorize a song quickly, and with low stress, is to think of it as an outline. In other words, think of the larger structure first, and then the smaller structures within.

Here’s an example: First, memorize the form such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Solo, Verse, Chorus, Chorus, Ending.

I listed 11 different sections, but how many unique sections are there? Just 6: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Solo and Ending. But the solo is often just the verse changes, so let’s call it 5 unique sections. Memorizing 5 things is a lot easier than 11. So, once you memorize the interior content of 5 sections, all you really need to memorize is the order of the sections like an outline.

And I always recommend memorizing the chord numbers, as in I chord and IV chord etc., instead of the chord names. That way you can transpose easily if needed. And if you know some theory, you might understand more about what you can play on each chord based on its function in the harmony.

If you have to learn to play 20 songs in 2 days, this really works.


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